Second Screen Technology Platform

White-label Native Second Screen Apps for Android and Apple iOS

Once your content is ready, pubish the Android and/IOS mobile apps to Google Play and iTunes and start promoting your App.

White-Label Apps
Fully Customizable
Sample App Template Provided
Supports Multiple Device Sizes
Native Android & iOS Apps
Easy to Configure


White-label HTML5 Embeddable Web App for Smart TVs, Connected TVs and Websites

The 2ndSquare demo demonstrates the Primary Screen template included with the 2ndSquare SDK.

This same code base (HTML5, javascript, php) can be used for publishing web-powered primary screen apps including those that are to be deployed in digital signage, Google Chrome Apps, on Roku and other Set Top Boxes.

See it in action

Program synchronized primary and second screen content for your users or push real-time content LIVE during a show or event

Set the Video, Audio, or Web Content you want to display on the user's primary screen (TV, Computer, Game Console, Digital Signage) then design the content they will see on thier second screen mobile device (Tablets, Smartphones).

Program animations, load video, ask questions, display ads or web content. The possibilities are virtually limitless on the second screen.

Pre-program your multi-screen broadcast schedule
Start, Stop and Reset broadcast with the click of a button
Push synchronized content in realtime to primary and second screen apps
Set It and Forget it broadcasting - runs in a synchronized preset content loop
Supports multiple types of content including videos, slides, and external URLs (see API documentation for details)


See It In Action