Second Screen Technology Platform

Sameer Khan
Co-Founder + VP of Marketing and Technology

Sameer is a passionate entrepreneur and innovative marketing, technology and analytics leader with more than 15 years of marketing and technology experience. He started his career with an IT consulting role in 2001 and has led marketing teams at several organizations including the digital marketing and analytics team at Rackspace. Sameer has played a key role in the SMB and enterprise marketing growth of Presently, he leads worldwide product marketing for customer analytics and marketing optimization at IBM. Additionally, Sameer is a social marketing & analytics blogger and has spoken at many enterprise events on the topic of social media, analytics and digital marketing.

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Jeremy Roberts
Co-Founder + VP of Operations and Business Development

Jeremy is an international digital marketer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience drawn from a diverse background in music entertainment, fashion, technology and financial services. He started working in startups and locally owned businesses and recently spent 5 years at Rackspace in the digital marketing and segment marketing teams where he played key roles in the building and managing of their worldwide social listening tools, event management tools, and community niche programs. Presently, he leads digital marketing for Harland Clarke's Retail Channels division. He also spends his time as an adjunct professor teaching digital marketing at a local university as well as spends time on his blog, Art of the Wingman for Business.

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